Friday, January 01, 2010

Happy New Year 2010

I can say I think 2010 is going to be a crazy effing year but it's going to be a great can't be anything less than great....I won't let it :)

Last night I celebrated by doing my hair cute (heck yes to getting my hair to successfully poof for once!), wearing a new outfit that included some of the cutest and most flattering jeans I've ever gotten, a cute colorful shirt, and new black high heels, and then went to a couple good friends parties to hang out.

I started off the evening at Britt's place for her Black & White fancy party, of which I was a sore thumb at. It was great!!! I got to catch up with Britt and Shelly and then spent the rest of my time there smartassing and laughing with my good friend Eamonn. God bless Eamonn is all I have to say. I love his punk ass. Literally. He's a punk rocker, with an orange mohawk, and a passion for pirates, PBR, and Ireland.

I got complimented on my jeans and heels and told that though it was abnormal for me, that I looked very cute. I didn't drink, rather chose to drink punch there as I was driving to Loveland later on. But it was great :)

I then headed to Dan's. Dan is a very very gay friend of mine that I love. We are accepting of each other no matter how different our religious and political views. We love and accept each other as is. Love love friends like that. Anywho, we were the only single two of a total of eight people (the other six being three adorable couples). Kat, her sister Claire, and their cousin Lindsey and their respective boyfriends are there. Kat and Claire are the nieces of Bill Ritter, our governor of Colorado, which I learned last night. Regardless, I love Kat and Dan :)

We had a good time listening to music, looking fabulous, doing a couple shots and drinking a really good spiked fruit punch.

And then the last ten minutes of the year we spent watching the recap of the ball dropping in New York.....and laughing our asses off at various jokes. Then at midnight, Dan, my gay friend, was my midnight kiss.....and man did we bring it in in glorious style :) Then was time for a last drink and bedtime.

Oh how I love cuddling up in my pj's in a bed full of great friends....nothing better :)

It was a great way to bring in my New Year!!!

I also got hugs from all my Britt friends that night which I found was hilarious and wonderful.....lots and lots of Britt's in my life.

My resolution this year: Let God take over the drivers seat in my life and just let things be. God is throwing curveballs and I think I just need to stop being a really bad driver, rather take over the annoying backseat driver position. I need to be strong enough to trust Him with ALL of my that's what I am working on this year. Letting things be and letting God take the wheel.

2010: Let the craziness begin.

Happy New Year!!!

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