Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Are you fab?!?!'s a word that's thrown around in copious amounts in our society.

"Darling you look fabulous....That dress is fabulous....Denver is fabulous....honey, that's just fabulous...."

I will admit, I sort of have a love/hate relationship with this word. On one hand I associate it with the arrogant snooty celebrity type. That's how I came to hear this word so much at first. And seriously, we all know that celebrities are just a tad ridiculous (in the annoying way) in their own right.

Then on one hand, everytime I tell someone they look fabulous I instantaneously in my head think (in the best Jim Carrey voice I can muster) "Somebody looks FABULOUS!" and then automatically think of Britt my ex-roomie and calling so many things 'fab'. And on that token, I hearts this word.

By the way, the fact that I say "I heart (insert any word here)" is a tad ridiculous but that's an entirely different subject.

Anywho, Dan uses the word fabulous all the time. Why wouldn't he?! He's gay. When you're gay everything is either fabulous or oh-my-god awful....there's not much in between when it comes to first impressions on much. Sorry to stereotype but honestly, just interact with a few gay men and you'll understand this is typically true....much like white people typically flop like fish on the dance floor unless they have had tons of practice shaking their booty.

Dan and I were talking and of course we were talking about fabulous things. Namely how us continuing our friendship after a long hiatus is fabulous and that we in ourselves are fabulous for being able to dream so passionately, live so much in the moment, but also be able to recognize the power and beauty of God. It's a much more complicated conversation that can't really be relayed unless you part of it. Oh well, good enough recap.

But this is our conclusion: life is meant to be lived fabulously. There is no definition to what fabulously looks like however, so that needs to be interpreted in one's own fashion. But to us, life is meant to be lived fabulously.

And here's a few things that to us mean living life fabulously:
*Recognizing that God is beautiful, amazing, and is everywhere. God is everything that is and is not. God simply IS. Oh and not to mention the EXTREME amounts of love that come with God and (for me personally, not so much Dan, who doesn't believe in Jesus) the incredibly beautiful yet unwarranted sacrifice of Jesus to save our souls.
*Living life passionately. I've talked about passion SO much but I can't help it. It's an inate part of my being. This means loving, growing, crying, dreaming, believing, talking, laughing, singing, and working with passion.....with as much energy and enthusiasm as one can muster. God didn't make us to do things without passion and without soul. He made us soulful, feeling people.....let's use that gift!!
*Living a life of love. I LOVE people. I LOVE life. I LOVE God. I LOVE my family. I LOVE music. I LOVE every moment, no matter how much I don't like it. God is love, God shows us love. We were meant to love. And love comes in SO many different forms. I can honestly say I love most everyone in my life. There's a few people I'm sure I could find to exclude from this but I love most everyone for a reason and in a different way. I don't care who you are, where you came from, your beliefs, etc. We were meant to be loved and I enjoy loving those around me for the reasons I love them. I wish more people would recognize the power of love and how love isn't JUST a feeling towards one's family and spouse/partner. It's something you can feel in different ways with everybody!!
*Having a good time. This doesn't mean always going out and drinking or causing hell, though I'm guilty of it. But honestly, I have a great time sitting at home watching a tv series with friends drinking grape juice and snaking on pretzels. Life is meant to be full of memories and cherished great moments. That is just fabulous.
*Being the best we can be and CHASING, RUNNING after our dreams and encouraging everyone else to do the matter how unattainable we think they are. Nothing is possible, never say never. Sure it's not gonna be easy. (In fact, I think I'm a tad nuts thinking I actually might possess any ability to help write a book.) But it's all about the journey and doing something you love and trying to achieve something you look forward to.

ALL OF THAT is living fabulously. And that is what I have decided one of my goals for 2010 try to live life fabulously.

Now here's the question, are you fabulous?! Do you want to live life fabulously?! And what does living life fabulously look like to you?!

Great, now that you've answered yes to the first question and have defined the a fabulous life!! :-D

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