Monday, January 04, 2010

Rocky Bottom Tops

Sometimes in life God sends you those little breathes of fresh air, well really big breathes, that come at exactly the right moment in the exact package one needs them. Tonight was one of them. And I couldn't be more amazed at God's perfect timing and awareness of our needs.

Today was a hard day for me.....not literally, it wasn't really that bad. But I found myself being grated on the side of irritation. I then found myself getting pissed off and a little down in the dumps.

In steps a beer date with Ian that we had decided on just a few days ago.

I wouldn't have guessed it would be as momentous as it was.

Sitting and conversing with my old/new friend Ian in a way we never have before was like reopening a part of my soul that has been locked away for the past few months in the craziness of life. I was able to peek into my own soul through him and relinquish truths that I can't normally in my given situation and whereabouts in life.

A few challenges were made, futures were contemplated, philosophies and ideas were discussed, and a penpal match was made.

We are both aspiring writers who are currently giving a huge "eff you" to the world who thinks that this task will be impossible. Who knows?! One day our penpal letters might be organized into some book that will be dubbed literary genius......or rather just a goal set between two kindred souls walking very different yet very oddly similar paths.

Our destinations and journeys are so different yet so intertwined. In steps these people just when you need them. God is there directing.....on cue, right now. Holy mother.

3 amazing things that happened today:
*Dan and I decided to write a book together.
*Ian and I contemplated the possibility of forming a book in a few years based off the pen pal letters we develop in the next few years. Publishers can do what they want with it.
*Ian challenged me to write about scrupulous-ness. One page, front and back in a letter.

I just caught a glimpse of the future. But a glimpse that was nothing like I thought it would be. Where will I be in a few short years?!

This I do know......Ian understands two of the things closest to my heart.....the importance of passion in life, and the beauty of following one's heart. I wonder where us two souls will find ourselves. All I know is this is the beginning of a beautiful journey between two friends whose paths happened to cross at exactly the right moment.

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