Saturday, July 12, 2008

Officially Arbonne

Well here I am, officially an Arbonne Consultant!! My first party is July 26th and I am hoping that in the next couple of months I can promote up to Independant Consultant - District Manager. That would be SAWEET!!

I have noticed that I do have a certain fear of commitment in a way. But when I find something I love and feel comfortable with I go with it. Here is what I absolutely LOVE about Arbonne:

1. It's a Christian company. God first, family second, business third. They even have a six-day schedule, as in setting aside for the seventh day, the day of rest. The company is not afraid to tell about its Christian ethics and have even said that God has blessed the company because without it they would not have grown and prospered like they have.

2. It's all botanical. Everything is natural, made from nature, from plants...which means it's almost organic. Which means it is healthy for your body!! I have been told I'm transforming into a hippie but I honestly believe in recycle, reuse, renew and using things that are all natural, how God made them.

3. The people involved in this company are SO fantastic and enthusiastic, it's absolutely amazing!! I couldn'thave asked to have such wonderful people as uplines.

Anywho, I would really appreciate everyone's prayers as I start in this endeavor. Yes I am doing it for personal reasons, to have a supplemental income so that I can pay my bills and not have my parents have to pay my rent again. I would love to start paying off my debt and have a little bit more financial freedom, so I don't have to live off peanut butter and clearance items. But I am also doing this because I think God put it in my heart as something I could and should do. I think this is a great way for me to do something to glorify God. If I am successful it's solely because of Him. If I fail it's because I didn't get His blessing, plain and simple.

I have come to realize that if something does work out, it's because God led me to that part of my life, He supports it and blesses it. If I am at a point in my life where something isn't working or is just incredibly working against me, well I think that is God's way of saying I took a wrong turn somewhere and wasn't listening to what He was telling me.

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