Friday, March 26, 2010

Epic Job

So I have been thinking a lot about my future....oddly enough not in specifics but just in terms of what does it hold and what do I want it to hold?! And wondering what role my education plays in it and trying to figure out what direction I need to change.

I know I feel as though I'm not where I'm supposed to be right now. I just can't help but feel that I'm not anywhere near what I want to and need to do with my life. I also am not sure that I'm exactly on the path God wants me to be in terms of figuring out my future.

I LOVE reading Travel and Adventure magazines....and not travel as in resorts and whatnot. National Geographic and it's sister publication Nat Geo Adventure and Nat Geo Travel....well I LOVE reading them :-) They give me glimpses of a world I want to be in but as of right now only see from my suburban lifestyle.

I watched Disney's Earth tonight and it only fueled that I think God has been calling me to other countries to either help with the care of others or care of animals or something of the like. All I know is I have a VERY keen urge to see the world. And I mean all of it. The forests, desserts, cities, wildlife, nonprofits, etc.

I think one of the most amazingly epic jobs would be to work with National Geographic in which I got to travel and document with a camera and a journal and use the pictures and words to share with others and along the way interact with other cultures and people and help out their communities.

I guess it would be perfect as I'm comfortable with not being comfortable.

But it makes me wonder, how do I get there?! How do I go about figuring this out?! Is this in fact the path God wants or is it what I want?! I can't help but feel such an intense desire isn't just solely's from God.

Hmmm.....I need to figure out more about my life it seems.

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