Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Confessions of a Shopaholic

So I'm watching Confessions of a Shopaholic. And I'm sort of laughing on some hands because her shopping habits are just hilarious.

But I'm also not laughing on one hand because in some ways I can relate all too well.

I'm sitting on my bed right now with a closet full of clothes to my right and a dresser full of more clothes in front of me. Honestly speaking, I have more than enough clothes. Though I will say on some standards I have much less than a lot of people my age.

But I find myself asking "Why do I constantly have the urge to buy something new(er)?! And I was able to answer that right off the bat.

It stems from a continuing struggle with self-image. For years and years and years I was never comfortable with my body. I didn't know style. I didn't know what worked well with my body. Now that I'm learning, I'm finding that making outfits that I look good in and feel good in costs money.

And I've also found that instead of one look, I wear pretty much everything. So when you get into my closet, you will see a little bit of everything, though nothing that really would pop out as "that's the look this girl rocks". If that makes any sense. And I can't wear certain things to certain places.

For instance, when I go to work, I like to still have a little bit of my own flair that includes bright colors and more contemporary pieces....but I also have to wear certain jeans and certain shirts....when you work with special ed kiddos and are up and down off the floor all day and split/slobber/boogers/paint/glue/scissors are a regular every day occurrence I'm not going to wear those jeans out with friends....they become worn out and colored on, etc. But at the same time, only certain jeans fit me so when it comes down to it, I can't wear cheap jeans....the cheapest jeans I can find that fit me are american eagles....and those are still $40/piece.

And well, I have indulgences. Granted most of what's in my closet is stuff that's on clearance racks.....because well, that's how I shop. But while I spend too much on new clothing, I also find that I'm continually trying to find something that fits better, looks better, and better expresses myself.

I'm just ridiculous.

God help whoever decides to marry me. Because I'm going to need a closet of my own.

But I've decided I need to give myself a monthly budget for retail and a monthly budget for entertainment. Because I need to get my spending under control.

Having $600 on my credit card eats at me.

And really, that's not that much but it's enough to make me gawk.

Confessions of a shopaholic.....I need to get my shopaholic tendencies under control pronto.

But of course that will be after I order my Tom's shoes :-)

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