Friday, January 21, 2011

Gallery, eh?

It would be an understatement to say that I keep our household current and keep it organized. And by that I mean I'm constantly the one making sure the house stays clean and organized and neat and I put things where they belong. And on top of that I sorta decorate and keep all the picture frames current and keep everything updated. Not like a show home but if we have stuff then why not use it and rotate it and keep it looking good?!?!

Anywho, I found a ton of photo frames a few years ago and upon my mom's go-ahead I put up these frames with a theme down the hallway. And then I found all of our huge senior photo prints in the storage closet so I helped my mom find matting frames and we found a place to display them on the wall in the dining room. I just updated another hallway's pictures that were over a decade old as far as the pictures of us kid so I updated them and added new family photo frames up, including pictures of my brother's wedding.

Well on top of that, my mom has started adding my personal photography around the house. First she added a rose collage series on her bedroom wall (she LOVES roses and they happened to be our rose bushes in the backyard). And now she is requesting some of the photos I took at the wedding along with some of the sunflower fields that I took awhile ago.

On top of that I have TONS of photo frames upstairs that I take care of and update. Most of it is my own photography with the exception of a whole bunch of family photos that I will edit from any camera and take. I also have paintings and drawings that I've done along with paintings that friends have done.

Basically I have no portfolio, other than some of what I shoot that makes it on my wall. I don't consider it really great work but I do get compliments on it and my mom says I have an "eye", whatever that means. I'm not quite sure about that but I've heard several people comment on some of my photos. I take pride in what I do display has very little to no editing but I don't have high-tech stuff to take "great" shots. I just shoot from my heart and I LOVE shooting my little kiddos.

Anywho, my mom keeps sending me links of people who are looking for wedding photographers. I am SO not good enough for that. However, I have been wrestling with the idea (especially at my mom's encouragement) of selecting a number of photos and finding a small shop or coffee shop or such that will display some of my photos for sale. I think it would be awesome if I could somehow make a little bit of money off of my work if others like it. It might be a random and hopeful dream but I have been tossing it around a little bit....

First off I would need to choose a selection of my photos that I would like others to know me by. And then after that I'd have to somehow come up with a watermark logo and then I'd have to find a shop that would be willing to display my photos (assuming they liked them). But before that, I have to get the courage to do it!!!

Maybe soon ;-)

However, here's what I would like to ask anyone who actually reads you think more people are inclined to buy color or black-and-white or does it really just depend on the photo?!

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Bri said...

Great idea! B&W or color depends on the photo for sure. For nature photos I have to go with color, because color is so beautiful! But I think that b&w enhances people photos because it's more intimate and really brings the focus in on them. Just my thoughts!