Friday, January 14, 2011

Don't Leave Yogurt Unattended

I got the chance to substitute teach in the SPED room at Pennock Elementary today.

I had a blast! I needed the chance to work with these kiddos.

I got to work with this one little girl S who totally cracked me up! She is so energetic and just goes a million miles an hour all the time. She talks and talks and sometimes gets really bossy, especially when she's getting tired or hungry.

Anyway, she didn't really eat lunch while we were at lunch but this is normal so she always has ramen noodles afterwards. I made her noodles and was sitting with her while encouraging her to eat. Well I found myself getting rather hungry as it was 12:45 and I wasn't scheduled for my lunch break until 1:15 so I decided to pop open my yogurt I had brought with me for the day.

I had brought an old regular Yoplait peach yogurt as someone had bought it and it's been sitting in there for a little bit. I personally prefer Stonyfield Organic yogurt or greek yogurts (especially vanilla or strawberry flavors) so it was just something I threw in as a filler for a break time.

Seizing this opportunity I opened it and sat down next to S. She decided she was going to try and trade her noodles for my yogurt. When that didn't succeed she asked if she could try it to which I said yes (as she isn't on food restrictions) and seriously about 30 seconds later my whole yogurt was gone! I had one bite and she downed the rest.

Apparently S likes peach yoplait yogurt!!

Oh and speaking of food...the MOST adorable thing happened to me last week while babysitting.

For the first time in months I got to babysit for one my fav families, the Tanners. Ethie was getting surgery so I was babysitting Kaden and Lizzy. TOTALLY a piece of cake as Kaden is so self-sufficient and self-entertaining while Lizzy is now one and is little ms. independent. She's a year and two months old, is and always has been such a tiny little girl with a HUGE personality, and has always been really smart. Well I haven't seen her in several months which means she went from being on the cusp of being able to walk to walking/running/going up and down stairs on her own. She's a teeny bit bigger with more hair and a couple more teeth. Her facial expressions are still just as loud and strong and independent...she has a little temper and will of her own and can amuse herself all day long. She's very vocal but so loving and sweet. Honestly, THE cutest little girl I have ever seen in my life.

Anywho, I made Kaden some chicken nuggets for dinner and she came wandering in the kitchen with wide eyes rubbing her belly and I asked if she wanted some and she shook her head yes and went and tried to climb up into her chair. So I popped in some chicken nuggets to warm and strapped her in the high chair. I gave her the chicken nuggets, some crackers and some apple slices for dinner. Then I sat down and ate mine. After I was done, I went and grabbed two oreos (I had seen the package sitting in the pantry when I was looking for ideas for dinner). I came back with one in my hand and munching on the other. Her eyes got BIG and BRIGHT...she apparently knows what they are!! She held out her hand and I told her that she couldn't have them, they were mine and that she needed to eat her food. Then I hid them behind my cup, of which she kept trying to peek around to see if it was there or if I had eaten it. I sat there for awhile and she kept trying to reach for my cookie with me always telling her no.

Well after a little while she got SMART!! She picked up a cracker and offered it to me, obviously in exchange for the oreo!!! As cute and intelligent as it was, I had to fight back giggles and laughter to tell her that she needed to eat her chicken nuggets and crackers and the cookie was for after dinner. Well she kept offering the cracker and after about five minutes gave up.

Well she must have been deep in thought because a few seconds later she looks up, screamed at me to get my attention, offered me the cracker and then with her big deep blue sweet innocent eyes and cheeks, she gave me those "pretty please" eyes and then took her little fist and signed please on her chest!!!

OH MY GOODNESS!!! I HAD to give her an oreo!! How can you possibly resist that?!?! Not only is she a year and two months old but she's negotiating food and signing please. I'd have to say she deserved the oreo!! (which was a whole other moment of laughter for me watching her methodically break it open, lick ALL the middle out and then eat the cookie part getting it ALL OVER her face and hair and hands!!

I love kids...such great memories!!

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