Thursday, February 25, 2010

I Photoged a Mazda Speed 6

Well there's a first for everything. I love capturing people's you can only imagine a little of my inner turmoil at being asked to photograph....a car. OF COURSE I wanted to get behind my camera and shoot something new, OF COURSE I wanted to help a friend out, OF COURSE I liked the challenge....however, how do you photograph a car?! I mean really they have no expression!! So that's where you have to "give" them expression....aka the backdrop, lighting, and angle become pretty important when doing this I found. Some of the pictures were just HORRIBLE! At least in my opinion, although Eric found much delight in almost all the photographs. At least he was happy :-)

So here are some of my photos!

Mazda Speed 6....his new powdercoated wheelz

I feel the need, the need for speed

I just thought this was a cool pic....and you can see his silhouette in the reflection off the bumper

I need a fast car....candy-coated red.....


A Lady Called Amy said...

the last two are my faves...
is there anyway you can make your font bigger? it's really hard to read your posts with it as small as it is. :( and i like reading about your life. ;-)

miss ya Nicole!

Nicole.Ann said...

I updated my SHOULD appear bigger :-)

It was such a cool experience photographing a about becoming versatile!

And I miss you too!!

A Lady Called Amy said...

it does appear bigger. much less of a strain on my eyes. Thank you!! :-D