Sunday, February 03, 2013

Fun With A Munchkin

I have one nephew, which is odd for me to say as I'm the OLDEST of four, and so far the only one still single. Two of my three younger brothers are already MARRIED, at least a year each. Makes me kinda feel like an old maid. But with one marriage also brought my first nephew, which I adore. I adore being Auntie Cole.

They recently moved to Cali but my sis-in-law will be coming back every 5-6 weeks to continue her job doing hair for her clientele here in Colorado. Which means on that week I'll get to see and spoil my nephew. Though I was working nights and exhausted, his smile greeted me each morning and I happily deprived myself of sleep to help take care of this cute little guy. It's always nice to have that special little bond.

I adore the times when I can play with him down on the floor, or I'm so tired but still trying to entertain him so I become a human jungle gym while I lightly rest. It's also cute when, as I'm getting ready and doing my routine, I get to carry him along with me, and can make it fun. Such as, for instance, when I throw one of my beanies on him while I'm getting ready to go brave the cold, and I have my own beanie on ;-) Makes for cute candid moments!!

Such a cute lil guy!! I can't wait to see him again in another month. Gonna miss his little laugh around here.

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