Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Nursing Community

The community that has become us student nurses is wonderful, and to the outside eye probably a little disturbing. We spend so much time together, knees deep in "personal" material that support doesn't become optional, it's mandatory.

In this accelerated program, it's many times the blind-leading-the-blind. We have no idea what's going half the time and things change each week to the next. We figure out what's going on, but we do it in a group effort.

I know my classmates sex lives, their bowel movement schedule, abnormalities of their testicles, alcohol consumption, personal hygiene habits...and we all collectively share a huge lack of sleep.

It's a community unique all in its own. We have inside jokes and pick each other up when one falls behind. It's not a competition to finish first, it's a team effort to help each other cross the finish line.

Isn't that lovely?!?!

But you really know you are around your classmates all day when you hear from the stall next door: "Nicole, this is Erica. I need some toilet paper." You then hand it to her and proceed to have a conversation while urinating, buckling your belt, and walking out of the stall....only to engage in conversation with another classmate while in the bathroom.

It's amazing. And because no one else understands what we're going through, I'm glad I have my classmates :-)

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