Thursday, January 19, 2012

Nursing School 101: Go With The Flow

The first two weeks of nursing school are almost done! In a program that is a mere 43 weeks long, that's pretty impressive. The last two weeks have gone by in a huge blur (ie way too fast) and yet they have also been incredibly long. The fast part is simply not having enough time to do everything I need AND want to do, the fast part is the sheer craziness that has been compacted into such a short amount of time.

Week 1: Started with an insane last-minute Broncos game (BOOM click here) with my roommates that was just utterly insane!! Not to mention a fabulous omen to the start of this program :-) I got injections the whole week and donated bone marrow on friday morning (donation day), which was incredibly awesome. My minigrams passed away and I was able to be there for her death, which was an incredible and intimate experience I'm glad to have had before experiencing death in the clinical setting. And along with everything else, I started this program that has with its craziness brought on a whole new lifestyle, environment, support system, and schedule. If that wasn't enough chaos for one week, I'm not sure what else would have done it!

Week 2: The program is even more chaotic. I'm almost positive that in these two weeks I have studied more than all of my senior year of college combined. And I'm not exaggerating. The chaos hasn't calmed down, rather it's just beginning. While I'm not dealing with injections, bone marrow donation, or the death of a family member, the chaos of school has only gotten worse. Our program is awesome and apparently effective with the number of students that come through it. But that's not saying it's the most organized program ever. And there's not much hand-holding. In fact, most of us are having to figure out what's going on by the help of other students. There's just way too much that the professors don't tell us that we find out via our support system of each other. But it's been wonderful!!

My first big exam is tomorrow. And do you think I'm studying?! Well I have studied a little bit today but I'm putting off the mass final overview. Hence why I'm here writing :-) I'm nervous but I feel like I sort of understand this stuff. But tomorrow we'll find out for sure.

I'm learning with this program that:
A) My life is completely in their schedule including sleeping, eating, going to the bathroom is determined by this program
B) I'm not going to ever fully know what's going on. There's just way too much we're learning!
C) Just go with the flow baby. It will all work out somehow, as long as I try my best!

Welp I guess it's back to the books for me. Life is chaotic but pretty amazing, as the possibilities are boundless right now. It's the beginning of another crazy journey of my life! And here I am with stethoscope in hand ;-)

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