Monday, January 09, 2012

BOOM! Starting Nursing School!!

What a way to start nursing school!!

Today was the first day of class. Seven hours spent listening to lectures on health assessment and pharmacology. Not too shabby. My professors are hilarious, supportive, and my classmates are hysterical!!

However, that's not what makes the start of nursing school so great. What is you ask?!

$30 tickets.

To the Broncos game.

For lower level seats.

Section 127. Row 18. Seat 3.

So being the only one of my roommates and that's from Colorado, I said we needed to find a place to watch the game yesterday. As we don't have cable here yet. One of my roommates threw out the suggestion that we should try to go and get tickets after the start of the 1st quarter. So we did just that. We got there, parked for free (hells yeah!) and found a scalper. His friend wanted to sell the tickets for $75/each. However, we said we only had $30 and this one scalper said sure, and once he saw our skepticism (ESPECIALLY after I saw where the seats were), he agreed to walk us all the way to the gate to see that we got in. With a ton of hesitance, sure enough, we got in. HOORAY!! We excitedly hurried to our seats.....only to find there were already people in them. We explained to the guys in the seats the dilemma and next thing I know guest relations was there to escort us all back to the ticket office.


We sat there for a little bit as there was a line (apparently this isn't a new thing at the stadium). After 10 minutes the PO had us all explain what happened. We all had bought tickets off a scalper outside of the stadium. He took all of our drivers' licenses and then separated us off into our separate groups. After a minute he beckoned us over. Double crap.

"Your tickets are legit!"

Dude, for realz?! We went and got beers, took our seats and proceeded to watch a playoff game on the lower level for $30/each. The game went to OT. Broncos scored a sudden death TD...Tebow threw a 80yd TD to Demetrius Thomas FTW!!! OH HELL YEAH!!!

Can you believe that?!??!?!?!?! WHAT A FLIPPIN COOL WAY TO START THE YEAR!!!

Today brought seven hours of lecture, a call informing me grams is now in a coma, a call informing me we have bugs (unknown kind) in our new place, and I got my first injection for bone marrow donation!! What a day.

Now I'm working on homework. Not right now obviously. Taking a break to blog before it gets too crazy hectic this week. And back to homework I go!!

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