Friday, January 06, 2012

Nursing Orientation

The past couple of days have been incredibly busy and full of stuff! Yesterday was the "big moving day". I made the decision to move into a place close to RegisU with three other accelerated nursing students. For many reasons...transportation costs, transportation time, and I just needed the stability of a place where I can guarantee when I come it's a space that I can relax, study, and get done all of the things that I need to get done. All of the other three are from out of state...Idaho, Oregon, Washington. We've all lived together less than 24 hours but so far so time goes we might even learn that we don't need to dance around one another so much! ;-)

This morning was nursing orientation. Four hours filled with even more stress of talking about how crazy and rigorous and insane the program is going to be, of hearing people chit-chat about various things, and even more anxiety about starting this program on Monday. The next year of my life is practically written in stone. On the stone it reads "Nicole A Carr: Accelerated Nursing Student (aka that's all she's doing) 2012-2012." However, it was reassuring that the professors all recognize the rigors of the program, are incredibly supportive of us, and are just as excited as we are to start yet another crazy year.

I lost my phone about a week ago...and I got the new iphone 4S today. That's my newest struggle on top of everything else. At least I have a communicative device. An expensive costly little thing but eh, apparently that's what all that overtime was for.

So for now I am super stressed, but I'm trying to relax myself and remind myself that hundreds of students complete this program every year...therefore it's not impossible, just intense and busy.

Here we go!!

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