Sunday, September 04, 2011

Fall Already?!?!

Fall is already upon us and I can't believe it...where did the summer go?!?!

For various reasons I haven't been able to even relish in summer this year. Between work (thank you Lord for my job, really!!), homework (I took my two religious classes - prereqs for Regis' accelerated program), and taking care of miniGrams, I didn't have a chance to relish in my summer. In fact, I only spent two hours by the weird for me in summer time. I didn't get to spend time outside until the past couple weeks and get a tan, instead I am only one shade darker than my normal white self. And I didn't get to go do most of the things I planned.

I got to go to Portland, which I am SO thankful I got to go!! I needed the time off and enjoyed my time off. But I didn't get to spend time outside, didn't get to go on my hikes, didn't get to hike any 14ers, and didn't get to go to the lake. Sad day. But the Lord had other plans.

And it all paid off, in a way. I got into Regis!!

Now I'm left wondering where the summer went?!?!

Almost upon us is the time of pumpkin spice lattes (oh HELLS yeah to that one!), crunchy leaves, the colors of fall, and eventually some snow. I almost resent snow already being so close upon us. But it's my goal this winter, before the chaos of nursing school, to get on that damn snowboard and hit the mountains!! Even if only once!!

Nursing school will be my life starting Jan 9th so I'm sort of planning all of my "living" for before then as I won't be able to even think for quite awhile once I start school. Eleven-and-a-half months of pure chaos and hardwork are about to ensue.

I'm excited, anxious, nervous, scared, relieved, stressed, and unbearably enthralled for this!!

So with that, here is a list of things I hope to cram into the next four months!!

1. Go camping once
2. Go snowboarding (at least once)
3. Visit the art museum (again)
4. Nail down where all the local coffee shops are
5. Figure out the best bookstores to study in
6. Find a way to pay for nursing school
7. Ride my bike as much as possible (and find a place to live in Denver)
8. Spend the holidays with all of my family (as I won't get to really see anyone next year with the exception of 3 weeks) *won't happen, I got assigned to all the holidays*
9. Go for a hike on one of my days off
10. Create a goal list for the year after nursing school
11. Start scoping out hospitals to work at
12. Plan a trip back to Portland for 2012
13. Enjoy as many lattes as possible.
14. Invest in a hardy coffee pot
15. Enjoy every lazy morning that I get the chance to sleep in and NOT feel guilty

I'm wondering if I can actually get everything on this list accomplished. I DO have four months but really, four months flies by SOO fast!!

Relishing in the last days of summer....

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