Tuesday, April 05, 2011

One Day Without Shoes

Today I was substitute teaching in one of our middle schools. Today also happens to be a celebratory day. TOMS Shoes has a day of awareness dubbed One Day Without Shoes. It's to raise awareness of the issue of "shoelessness" around the world. TOMS shoes also has a one-for-one policy, in which for every pair of their shoes you buy, a pair is sent around the world to a person in need. My friend Alyssa, who is currently in Guatemala for the Peacecorps, can attest to the importance of this organization as a lot of the people in her host village wear TOMS shoes.

Well today, I decided to let the classes of 6th graders I was teaching for the day get in on the action, promoting the release of their little toes from their shoes while in my class. Not all of them participated, only those that were comfortable. But the kids got a KICK out of it! They wanted to share and go talk to other teachers and get other classes to do it too. At the very least it was fun for them while in my class and a fun story to take home to their parents.

Here's to a second year of promoting One Day Without Shoes!

For more information about TOMS shoes, please visit www.toms.com and for more information about One Day Without Shoes please visit www.onedaywithoutshoes.com!

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