Tuesday, November 13, 2012

End of Practicum and (almost the end of nursing school)

Just when I think life couldn't get any busier, nursing school yet again pushes the limits!

I finished senior practicum a little over a week-and-a-half ago, yet it feels like a month ago thanks to HOW MUCH stuff has been jampacked into my schedule since then.

Senior practicum ended wonderfully. The staff encouraged and comforted me by saying I should come work with them, that I did a great job. My preceptor had the ultimate compliments in terms of she was incredibly bored at the end, and even entrusted me to leave the room most of the nights the last two nights of practicum. Having her trust my judgment was awesome! Granted my babies were lower acuity, it still was a great compliment to be entrusted in their care. I got some encouragement also from our last nursing buddy who is a new NICU nurse, who still feels very new to caring for the babies (and yet I think she is a rockstar). She echoed a lot of my insecurities being a nursing student in terms of still being unsure of herself and very new to the unit, feeling as though she didn't manage her time the most efficiently or have all the answers. I enjoyed seeing her ask for help and ask questions for things she was unsure of. It means being a nurse I don't have to have ALL the answers, rather I need to rely on my nursing team.

Overall, a really great experience. I learned so much about neonates, I became much more familiar and comfortable in being around babies ;-) and I had a great time doing so. I did learn, however, that I while I loved it, I would not want to start in the NICU. Because it is so specialized, I could see myself losing many different skills and knowledge, and for me, it didn't have enough of the challenge that I want when I first start. There is a lot that I would love to do with my nursing career and I don't see starting in the NICU lining up with any of that.

Now that I am done with practicum, I am in my last rotation....Community Health!! Yay, almost done!! However, this is the craziest rotation by far. It's the most jam-packed with assignments and projects and sheer demands of time. I'm in class two days a week, clinical three days a week, service learning Saturday mornings, and working Sundays....hence that leaves absolutely no free time, and the free time I have in the evenings is gobbled up by studying, writing papers, and finishing little things.

Oh and applying for The Children's Hospital Colorado's New Grad Residency Program!!

Let's see how these weeks progress....the end is drawing near!! Yet also so far away in terms of the projects I need to get done...and am hence avoiding while writing this....

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