Sunday, June 05, 2011

Love, City

I spent the day downtown today with one of my best and oldest friends.

We went and had tea at The House of Commons, which is a beautiful tea house. Then we walked around Denver, hitting up the 16th Street Mall and the People's Fair. Live Music. Sandals and sunglasses. Amazing crafts.

Was a beautiful day full of people, sun and deep breaths.

I need more of those :-)

Wish I didn't have to come back to Brighton. Wish I lived in Denver. Wish I had roommates. Wish I had more reasons to breath easy.

Wish I could be given a several people.

I wish I could get to know N*** better. I want to be opened up and blossomed. I want someone to make me laugh more. He is the kind of guy I have looked for. Calm, relaxed, joyous, fun, young at heart, loves to travel, loves life. Just want to be given a chance. Even just to be friends.

Can't wait to travel. Can't wait to see the world. Can't wait to live more!

Need to stop wishing and start living.

Ha, welcome to conversations in my head!

Great day to be alive :-) No complaints. Just sun :-)

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