Tuesday, November 15, 2011


So I found a new form of crack...well a few.

I LOVE designing and creating and redo-ing and making things come back to life! Which means that I find inspiration and get ideas all over the place and have way too many projects going.

Well I found the world of HGTV! This channel previously held no value for me when I was younger but the shows that are on it now...oh Lord have mercy!! House Hunters (International even!), room makeover shows, Curb Appeal, etc. LOVE!!

And if you've never checked out www.apartmenttherapy.com you HAVE to!! It's filled with SO much inspiration and stores and wowsers!!

So now my biggest itch in life is the need, desire, want to re-design and re-do my whole life basically. It's like crack to me. And I'm doing it!!

Since I'm moving in a month I'm redo-ing part of my life. Gonna order a new bedspread, paint my dresser/nightstand/lamp, go find a desk at a thrift store and make it fun and cute and make some pillows. Oh here we go!!

I LOVE design and new projects!! Hopefully this time I can finish my projects :-)

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