Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Live A Beautiful Life

On a very random side note, I have had a tattoo on my left shoulder for over a year now. I love this tattoo, but I've never taken a picture of it. I've wondered exactly what it looks like on me (considering I'll never be able to actually see myself from the back...). And I've needed a reason to pick up my camera. So last week I did.

I busted out my camera, set up the shot, put on the self-timer and waited to see what the lens would capture.

Very ego-centric being in front of a camera in a way, but it was really cool to see what I "look" a new way...sorta. And to see what my tattoo looks like on me.

So here is the picture that came from that shot.

Live a Beautiful Life....sometimes I forget what that means, other times I remember....I'm glad this is one of those moment's I remember what that means and why I got that tattoo :-)

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