Wednesday, March 30, 2011

New(est) Job

Well I got yet another job!!

This one, however, will be full-time and includes benefits! It doesn't have the biggest starting base pay but I got the job through some networking!! So basically I got hired in a hospital (finally!) without having any hospital experience...thanks to networking...which seems to really be the only way anyone can gets jobs anymore.

I'm pretty excited. I will be a Healthcare Technician in the CCMF department (Correction Care Medical Facility Department). Which yes, is the unit that houses prisoners from the jail! I will be trained mostly as a clerk but since I have my CNA & Phlebotomy licensures I will also rotate around as a healthcare technician when they need help on the floor or an extra set of hands. So basically I'll be wearing several different "caps" as far as my job goes.

I'm pretty excited! Not the unit I would see myself working in but it's going to be an adventure none-the-less :-) And it's a step in getting my foot in the door. Not to mention it's full-time (3x12hr shifts a week) and will include benefits...which will be nice to be able to go to the eye doctor and the dentist without paying full-price for their services...which is something I can't afford that thus have not been to the eye doctor or dentist in a year. It's also amazing how long I can make contacts last that should have only lasted me three months....

I'll be able to pay all my bills and work down this credit card debt I have acquired in the last year...which will be really nice. Thout I still can't afford to move out, it will help me to pay for a couple classes I need to take this summer and next fall.

SPEAKING of which...I got a rejection letter from Regis University...BUT their department called me and told me the logistics of why I didn't get in, said that I need to apply for the accelerated program that will start in January. They were actually going to offer me a spot in the accelerated program that starts in May (as in a month from now) but I have three prereq classes for their program I have to get done first....two religious study courses and a health ethics course. But they said I'm a great candidate and basically they want me! So it sounds like hopefully nursing school is a go in January :-)

I have faith the Lord will provide. It's all sorta crazy and I'm going to have to work really hard but I think that's what the Lord wants me to do anyway :-)

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